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‘And Then..’

And Then ©Jo Metson Scott

'And Then..' ©Jo Metson Scott

Jo Metson Scott’s series ‘And Then..’ seem like something Tim Burton would have done if he were a photographer, and did a project about folklore tales. This series is a collaboration between UK-based photographer, Jo Metson Scott and Nicola Yeoman. I came across one of the images on Pinterest and immediately was drawn in, so I clicked until I got to the image source; and found the whole series of images.  “And Then..” makes me feel as if I have stepped into the pages of a storybook and reminds me of a childhood. The images are realistic but have unusual and/or impossible occurrences in them. The images are intriguing yet a bit unsettling. They successfully blend “light” imagination and “dark” reality.

Go on, take a look:



Dishwashed Film

©Tom Welland

This morning while doing some of my daily online reading before I begin work, I learned of a new use for a dishwasher: developing film! Who knew! I love alternative processes and have a few books on the subject; but never would have thought of this before!

Photographer Tom Welland’s Dishwashed Film is very dream-like and reminds me of a combination of cross processing film and Polaroids. Welland says he knows they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea… but I can tell you that I am definitely loving them.  (More can be seen on his Flickr page)

It just so happens that we have an older dishwasher at our condo that we are going to replace when the kitchen gets renovated. Hmm, looks like that dishwasher may be good for something now.  😉

Condo Renovations: The Beginning!

Shawn and I bought a condo/townhouse and have just begun the whole renovation process and bringing this place from the 1970s to the 2000s! First project is tackling both bedrooms. So far we have ripped out the carpets (in master bedroom and 2nd room’s closet) and tore out all the baseboards, and have sealed up some holes from nails in the walls. Last weekend Shawn replaced the 2nd room’s closet’s floor with tile. Above are some before & after photos.

The Composites


Check this out: a Tumblr that has “images created using law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters.” Now you can see if your fave character really looked how you pictured him/her. Neat! Who would you suggest? I think my first suggestions would be: characters from: To Kill A Mockingbird, The Lovely Bones, and Stranger In A Strange Land.


Canine CPR


I stumbled across this on Facebook via The Daily Puppy. As soon as I saw what it was, it dawned on me that I don’t know how to give CPR on a dog or a cat. As the owner of 2 dogs, its pretty important that I know this! It is probably a good idea to print this out and keep it on the fridge or inside of a cabinet.




While photographing the MCDS Tennis match last week, I encountered this fuzzy fella on the fence in front of me; noticed he had a nut in its mouth and quickly took a couple of photos before he scurried away – those squirrels are fast!  I immediately thought of an expression that my husband is very fond of saying: “Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut.”  Shawn, this photo is for you. 🙂

How people did photoshopping before Photoshop was invented.


Yep, the act of photoshopping existed before Photoshop!

Image manipulation has been around much longer than you think! When I went to college for photography, everything i learned was with film, not digital; so I am fully aware of how much effort it took to do some of these! (And some I can’t imagine doing because it must have been painstakingly time-consuming! – like the one of Ulysses S. Grant)

Check out these interesting Before + After images:

p.s. I find the one of Abe Lincoln so funny!