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I hate Macy’s

I hate Macy’s.  You probably don’t hear that phrase often.  I am sure I’m a part of a small group; and hey, that’s fine by me.  Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth I don’t like Macy’s.  I’ll explain and I’ll start from the beginning….  First off, let me be clear and say that I didn’t always hate Macy’s.  in fact, I loved Macy’s! I was able to forgive them for buying out Miami’s beloved Burdine’s.  Despite that, I was fan of Macy’s.  Up until 4 months ago.  And in the past 4 months there have been 4 incidents that caused both my husband and I to rapidly go from annoyance to hate.

Incident 1:
Macy’s was one of our wedding registries. My mother-in-law bought us some pillows from the registry and when we received them in the mail, we realized we chose ones that were just way too thick for our sleeping style.  So we went to return them, and when the woman went to give us the money back she declared the total as $36.00.  “Wait, what?? that can’t be right, the pillows are $25 each.” (there were 2 pillows, so it should have been $50.00) and the woman explained  that she was viewing the receipt on her computer and the original purchase price was $17.99 per pillow.  Which didn’t make any sense because the receipt (which my mother-in-law mailed to us later) said $24.99 / pillow)  Instead of $24.99, we were getting $17.99 back – obviously it didn’t matter that she had purchased them before they went on sale…  that is just wrong.

Incident 2:
Another wedding registry mishap.  A friend of mine purchased 2 sets of wine glasses,  each set came in its own box.  When it arrived in the mail, one of the boxes was clearly broken, you could hear all the glass rattling inside as soon as you handled it.  My husband immediately handed it back to the UPS delivery guy and said “um, this sounds pretty broken…” and the UPS guy was like “oh wow yeah it is. I’ll take that back for you.”  A few minutes later, my husband called Macy’s about what just happened, to make sure that sending it back via UPS was the correct thing to do.  The customer service woman assured him that yes, indeed he did it correctly.  If an item arrives broken, one is supposed to decline it.  There is no need to accept it anyways and try to return it in the store; in fact, you are NOT supposed to do this.  Ok great. We’re glad to know we did the right thing.   A couple of weeks later, after our wedding,  when we went into Macy’s to return the pillows,  we also inquired about the wine glasses because we hadn’t received a replacement set,  nor had we received another gift that was on back order (will talk more about that in the next one.)   The woman at the customer service desk informed us that we had done it incorrectly, we were NOT supposed to send back the broken package through UPS.  Instead we should have accepted it anyways and made the exchange in the store.  And because we did not do this,  it was just impossible for us to get a replacement set. Since the glasses were returned, they were automatically refunded to the purchaser and not replaced….. what??? my god, is this not confusing?! Macy’s clearly has serious miscommunication between their departments.  So because of all this, my poor friend had to deal with calling them up, canceling the order, checking her credit card statements, and then she went to place another order on a different gift to make up for it (even though she didn’t need to… ❤ u, coliene. 🙂  and the person she was on the phone with didn’t bother to inform her that it was on back order, so she didn’t realize that part till well after she ordered it.  Sheesh.   

Incident 3:
Another back order incident,  but not with the above mentioned gift. This is a different one.  A family friend had purchased 6 sets of silverware (!!!)  and apparently if you purchased more than 5 sets, you got a nice onyx black silverware box to go with it, for free. Sweet! …… but not really because we never got any silverware to put in it.  When the order was placed in July/August, it was showing up on the registry as “on back order”  but we didn’t think much of it.  At one point we got an email notification saying we should be getting it some time in October.  Ok, that’s cool, no worries. October comes, we get married, October goes; and its now November.  Still no delivery of the silverware,  but again we’re not too worried about it. Until we get another email notification saying that we won’t get the silverware until November 23rd.  Um what?  Okay, something isn’t right.  The whole time we have been asking about the glasses and the pillows at  the other incidents,  we could never get a clear answer as to why they were on backorder or when exactly we would get the silverware.   Finally, when we went in to see about the pillows,  the woman gave us a Macy’s warehouse phone number to call and inquire.  Which of course was no help.  My husband was always put on hold whenever he called.  Finally, he decided to just call the manufacturer of the silverware themselves, Dansk.   The Dansk rep (who was super nice)  said she did not recognize the style of the silverware. Her words were “wow, hmmm… those don’t look familiar. I’ve worked here for 3 years and have never seen that style before.. let me go check.”   When she comes back to the phone, she informs us that Dansk has not made that model in several years!!  Here is the kicker:  when we chose that silverware,  it was ON DISPLAY at Macy’s.  So, tell me, why in the world does Macy’s still have years old, discontinued silverware on display for purchase?!  Macy’s do yourselves and your customers a freaking favor and do a damn inventory!   To make all of this worse,  when the buyer of the silverware went to cancel her order (after we informed her of this news)  Macy’s put her credit card on hold and told her that they could n0t cancel her order because they had already shipped the onyx flatware case that came with it for free.   And because the order shows up on their computer as “in progress” and not “completed” – because the silverware itself hadn’t been shipped – they cannot cancel it.   Ummm….. but the silverware will never ship!!! Because the silverware DOES NOT EXIST! Our friend and Macy’s exchanged several emails back and forth explaining this whole fiasco. FINALLY they it dawned on them that there was simply nothing else to do but cancel the order because the damn thing no longer existed,  oh but, that flatware box had to be returned first…. WHAT?!  First of all, that was free.  And it was automatic! She didn’t choose to give us the box.  It was like an automated thing where if you purchased 5+, it came with it.  The friend gave them hell for it.  Eventually Macy’s said “Ok. Keep the box. And your order is canceled.”    Ffffff…..finally.  Good lord.

Incident 4:
This recent happening wasn’t wedding registry-related. (surprise, surprise.)  This was in an actual store.  They did a bait-and-switch on me, and it was total BS. (and illegal!)  What happened was, my mother and I were shopping for gifts.   She had two things she wanted to buy (x-mas gifts for my husband and my dad) and both were on sale, and on top of a lot of the sale signs were additional signs that said if you used your Macy’s card, you got an additional 20% off; so for example if something was 50% off, you got another 20%, making it 70% off.  The sign was as clear as day;  and these signs were on several different racks.  But when we went to buy the items, they told us “oh this item is not eligible for the 20% discount”   – even though my mother has a Macy’s card, and even though the sign said so.  Naturally, I questioned them about it and pointed the signs out, and their answer was “oh yeah, that doesn’t mean everything on the rack applies”  …What???   And its not like these were all a big mix of random clothing on a clearance rack. These were one brand, one style specific racks and shelves.  So my mother said “wait, let me see if I understand this right… do you mean to tell me if I were to buy this shirt…” – and she pointed to the closest rack with a 25% + 20% off discount sign on top of it – “it may or may not be eligible for the additional 20% off even though the sign says ‘use your Macy’s card and get additional 20% off’ ??”  and the supervisor’s answer was Yes.  She attempted to further explain it by saying that they just put these signs up all over the store and it doesn’t really matter exactly whats on the rack, because it doesn’t always apply to what the sign says.”  Wow.  w-o-w.  Talk about misleading and false and shifty advertising.  I don’t care if it does or does not apply anymore.  Why would you want to advertise half ass like that? Its going to result in an unhappy and/or pissed off customer.  Which is exactly what I was.  (more so pissed off in my case)   My mother turns to me and says “do we still want these items anymore?” and I said “nope!” and we walked out.

Typically its 3 strikes and your out.  But I am a nice person. I gave them 4 chances.  But they bait-and-switched me. Macy’s, you’re out. I am done.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re a lousy company, and unworthy of my hard-earned money.  Since I am a person who goes by “never say never,  instead I will say that it will be a damn very long time before Macy’s sees a dime from me again.  Oh, and I am changing my Thanksgiving tradition from watching the Macy’s parade to watching the Westminster Dog Show. I am more of an animal lover anyways.  🙂

(p.s. I think my mom is going to cancel her Macy’s card.)