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Condo Renovations: Painting day!

Last weekend Shawn and I painted the master bedroom, we managed to get it done in one day, woohoo! Whoever invented roller paint extensions is a genius (and for the record, whoever invented wallpaper, is NOT! paper is for drawing, writing, and wrapping presents, not gluing to walls…) The bedroom walls are in two colors:  Rain Washed and Harbor (both by Behr).  The closet doors will be painted in Harbor, which is the darker color. Painting those walls with a vaulted ceilings was quite a (very welcome!) workout – i upped the challenge by doing leg lifts while painting, haha. Hey, it’s been a busy month and I am behind on my exercise so I figure its a good way to make up for it!


Condo Renovations: The Beginning!

Shawn and I bought a condo/townhouse and have just begun the whole renovation process and bringing this place from the 1970s to the 2000s! First project is tackling both bedrooms. So far we have ripped out the carpets (in master bedroom and 2nd room’s closet) and tore out all the baseboards, and have sealed up some holes from nails in the walls. Last weekend Shawn replaced the 2nd room’s closet’s floor with tile. Above are some before & after photos.


Repurposing wine bottles

definitely want to do this for my next party decor.

long time, no see…

wow, its been QUITE some time since i’ve been on here to write anything!  Sometimes i REALLY do not know where the time goes.  Really.   The date of my last blog reads “October” ….. sheesh.  Shame on me for slacking!  😉  It’s funny because i read blogs a lot! some are daily reads. Now if only I blogged as often as I read em…  I think part of it is because sometimes I feel like i should wait until I have something “important” to say.   But then again, a lot of the blogs I read are short & sweet and a lot of times those are most enjoyable to read.  So maybe I should open my mind up a bit more and make a 2nd attempt to be better at this 🙂

p.s.)  Any one catch last night’s episode of House? it was all about blogging… and the fine line between what’s private and what’s not.