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‘And Then..’

And Then ©Jo Metson Scott

'And Then..' ©Jo Metson Scott

Jo Metson Scott’s series ‘And Then..’ seem like something Tim Burton would have done if he were a photographer, and did a project about folklore tales. This series is a collaboration between UK-based photographer, Jo Metson Scott and Nicola Yeoman. I came across one of the images on Pinterest and immediately was drawn in, so I clicked until I got to the image source; and found the whole series of images.  “And Then..” makes me feel as if I have stepped into the pages of a storybook and reminds me of a childhood. The images are realistic but have unusual and/or impossible occurrences in them. The images are intriguing yet a bit unsettling. They successfully blend “light” imagination and “dark” reality.

Go on, take a look: http://jometsonscott.co.uk/index.php/gallery_display/C39/39

(Source: http://jometsonscott.co.uk/index.php)