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Instagram for Android – finally!

As an Android phone owner and a photographer, I was quite excited when Instagram became open to Android users last month. I could now finally be a follower in the cult that is Instagram. Even though I am an Apple fanatic and own several things from an iPod to a MacPro; I don’t have an iPhone (yet? 😉 instead I currently own a Samsung Captivate.

The first photo I took with it was of one of my favorite subjects of course: my 2 dogs. After a few photos, I suddenly understood why the hype over Instagram: it’s simple and awesome.  It’s really easy to use. There’s only 16 filters to choose from. It’s square-ish shape brings me back to the times when I shot with my Hasselblad 500C. (love that camera!) Then there’s the whole social networking aspect connected with it.  Before Instagram, I was constantly using various photo apps on my phone (Little Photo and Vignette being my faves – more on those in another post). While those did some pretty neat and fantastic effects, the filters and choices were a bit overwhelming at times. I remember my first use of Little Photo resulted in a significant battery drain because I was so enthralled with the choices and spent so much time trying different effects!  Don’t get me wrong, I still love those apps and use them just as much, but sometimes one is in the mood for a more simple one, and that is the beauty of Instagram.