At first glance // Week 3

Last week, we had a photo shoot at Miami Country Day School – to shoot the varsity girls soccer team’s last home game, as well as a team photo. It was a cool & breezy night, but the humidity level was unusually high for this time of the year (and also being at night time) so it caused a fog like appearance on some things far away.  During my shooting of the game, I paused to stretch out my arms and look around me, and what caught my eye were the trees blowing in the wind with the harsh sodium vapor (or could be mercury?) stadium lighting falling over it. Normally this wouldn’t something to anyone’s eye, probably; but because of the thick layer of humidity in the air, the combo of the lighting and fog made the tree look very… ghostly. And moody. The first thing I thought was “that really looks like a painting to the naked eye, not a photograph.”  So i grabbed my camera, turned it to the left, and snapped several shots. This was my favorite:


What do you think? Doesn’t it look like a painting? Or are my eyes just going crazy from working too much? 🙂 

Camera stats: Canon 7D. 70-200mm lens. ISO 3200.


One response to “At first glance // Week 3

  1. It does look like a painting!

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