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Condo Renovations: Kitchen Wall Knockdown!

We’re still knee-deep in the condo renovations, but we are making significant progress. As I type this, the upstairs is about 80% complete and the downstairs remodel has begun!

Downstairs officially began when we suddenly decided to knock down a wall that divides the living/dining area and the kitchen. We were having difficulty deciding on a color for the wall that “connects” upstairs and downstairs by the stairs. It was hard to decide because downstairs hardly gets any light due to the lack of windows and a wall blocks all the light coming in from the kitchen’s large glass doors. The plan all along was to knock down that wall but we weren’t going to do it until upstairs was finished and we were moving onto downstairs. Last weekend we suddenly decided to forgo that plan and just tear it down! And so we did! The result is a major wow! So much light comes in now and its wonderful. It makes such a difference, the place looks a lot more open.

Here is the Before:

You can see the light peeking through that doorway, just waiting to come in!

Where is Shawn?

Tear down!

Here is the After:

Let there be light!

Oh, and yes now we know what color to paint that wall! – Eastern Amber.