Monthly Archives: March 2010

camera love

I love photography.
While going through shots from this weekend’s photo shoots, which was sports photography, I’ve come to realize that the camera really captures what the human eye does NOT see.
Make that reason 18459072 why I love photography.  🙂

Photo courtesy of PencilPlus


Food + Beverage

Shawn surprised me today with this book (which has been on my Amazon wish list for a while too).  It’s called “What To Drink With What You Eat”   by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.  It is basically a food + beverage pairing reference book.  I haven’t read that much of it yet obviously, but I did flip through it and wow! looks pretty intensive and informative!  Its all based on “expert advice from American’s best sommeliers.”  Also, it’s not limited to just wine and beer. Well, it is mostly in regards of wine and beer, but there’s also mention of coffee, tea, champagne, non-alcoholic drinks and some fruit drinks.  And what’s even better, is that the book also contains some pretty nice photos! Makes me want to venture into food photography…. hmmm… 🙂

if you’re a mac-user & a book-lover …

I heart the internet and the interesting things we find on there!  Isn’t this a  clever case for your macbook? Especially if you’re a book-lover like me! I would totally get this, but alas, it only has sizes for 13″ & 15″ (mine is 17″)  Oh well…  maybe they will make a bigger one eventually??  🙂  Check out more pics/info at

(photo by Twelve South)

long time, no see…

wow, its been QUITE some time since i’ve been on here to write anything!  Sometimes i REALLY do not know where the time goes.  Really.   The date of my last blog reads “October” ….. sheesh.  Shame on me for slacking!  😉  It’s funny because i read blogs a lot! some are daily reads. Now if only I blogged as often as I read em…  I think part of it is because sometimes I feel like i should wait until I have something “important” to say.   But then again, a lot of the blogs I read are short & sweet and a lot of times those are most enjoyable to read.  So maybe I should open my mind up a bit more and make a 2nd attempt to be better at this 🙂

p.s.)  Any one catch last night’s episode of House? it was all about blogging… and the fine line between what’s private and what’s not.