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Condo Renovations: Painting day!

Last weekend Shawn and I painted the master bedroom, we managed to get it done in one day, woohoo! Whoever invented roller paint extensions is a genius (and for the record, whoever invented wallpaper, is NOT! paper is for drawing, writing, and wrapping presents, not gluing to walls…) The bedroom walls are in two colors:  Rain Washed and Harbor (both by Behr).  The closet doors will be painted in Harbor, which is the darker color. Painting those walls with a vaulted ceilings was quite a (very welcome!) workout – i upped the challenge by doing leg lifts while painting, haha. Hey, it’s been a busy month and I am behind on my exercise so I figure its a good way to make up for it!




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I was 17 when I first saw the movie Titanic. My friends and I saw it at least twice – well, I saw it twice, some of those friends were pretty hardcore and saw it several times 🙂  Not me though, I couldn’t really sit in the the theater for that long! While I enjoyed the movie, I wasn’t about to categorize it into my Top 10 Faves.  Fast forward 15 years later to 2012, Titanic is re-released to the theaters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the actual event. This time in 3D IMAX. My 2 friends from high school, who I am still close friends with today, immediately bought tickets to go see it and asked if I’d like to join, and for old times sake, I decided to do so. I must say the movie was quite entertaining; it is without a doubt a movie meant for the big screen, especially in 3D- that made it even better! While reading some of the internet commotion about Titanic’s re-release, I learned that some people actually did not know the Titanic was an actual ship! What?! This stuns me! How could people think this was just a movie?? I also suddenly felt old. (but I’m only in my early 30’s!) Not only had it been 15 years since I saw the movie in high school, but some people seriously did not know this event actually occurred in history?! All I could think was “what in the world are schools teaching kids in history class??”  Hey, James Cameron, if you’re reading this… Perhaps, if you so happen to release Titanic for a 3rd time, how about putting a blurb in the beginning of the movie, stating that the actual event is indeed true. 🙂  Interesting fact: The characters of Jack & Rose were not real, however, the scene where the old couple is lying in bed, waiting for the ship to sink – is actually real. That actually happened.  Also, the musicians continuing to play as the ship sank, supposedly really happened.  Now, knowing these two small details were actual happenings in history, makes watching this movie, much more powerful, doesn’t it?

Condo Renovations: Part 2

Thought it was time for a condo renovation update! We have made some progress in the past couple of weeks, not as much as we would have liked to,  but right now with our work schedule, we are limited to just the weekends’ free time to be able to work on it. (and that is, if we even have a free weekend!)  but regardless, we have made progress. 🙂 All recent works have been done to the master bedroom. Shawn installed a new outlet, hardwired some electricity so that the fan can be turned on by a switch rather than plugging it into the wall – that project was a bit of a challenge since the bedroom has vaulted ceilings. He had to drop a wire down the wall and out the wall switch; it was harder than we thought because we discovered that behind the wall was a sheet of concrete that blocked the path where we wanted to run the wire.  My smart cookie hubby figured out a way to get past it, which involved cutting a hole in the bathroom wall! (which is next to the bedroom) By doing this, he was able to access the concrete wall and cut a little hole for the wire to go through. The electricity is now completed and all we have to do now is buy a fan.  The other project was the closet, there was some water damage on the sheet-rock in there, so we tore it all down and replaced it with cedar.  Plus installed recessed lights, as well as rewired some of the electricity in there, and added an outlet. That’s is almost complete!  This weekend the plan is to finish the closet, buy a fan, begin tiling the closet, and possibly paint the walls.

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