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How people did photoshopping before Photoshop was invented.


Yep, the act of photoshopping existed before Photoshop!

Image manipulation has been around much longer than you think! When I went to college for photography, everything i learned was with film, not digital; so I am fully aware of how much effort it took to do some of these! (And some I can’t imagine doing because it must have been painstakingly time-consuming! – like the one of Ulysses S. Grant)

Check out these interesting Before + After images: http://fstoppers.com/pics-manipulated-photos-of-notable-historic-figures-before-the-digital-era-before-and-after-images#more-27708

p.s. I find the one of Abe Lincoln so funny!

(Source: http://fstoppers.com)