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Buzz: One of my favorite subjects. // Week 4

This was kind of a busy week! But I managed to sneak in some play time with one of my dogs, a Vizsla, named Buzz (AKA Buzz boy, Buzzy, The Buzzy Bear). He is really one of the best fetchers out of all the dogs we have had so far.  He is always up for a game of fetch – usually you tire out before him, but today he was pretty pooped before I was ready to call it quits. He plopped down in the grass, with his toy, and cooled off; so I took out my iPhone and snapped away.


Isn’t he cute?

Taken with iPhone 5, and run through the Wood Camera app.


Canine CPR


I stumbled across this on Facebook via The Daily Puppy. As soon as I saw what it was, it dawned on me that I don’t know how to give CPR on a dog or a cat. As the owner of 2 dogs, its pretty important that I know this! It is probably a good idea to print this out and keep it on the fridge or inside of a cabinet.