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Spooky Salem // Week 2

I still have Salem on the brain! When Shawn and I were walking through Salem’s Old Burying Point, we were both taking photos – he had our point & shoot camera and I was using my iPhone; meaning he could shoot with his gloves on, but I had to take mine off to operate my phone. (Side Note: I really need to purchase a pair of those gloves that let you touch your iPhone with them! Anyone have any brand recommendations??)  Anyways, I managed to get quite a few good shots before my fingers began to lose feeling… 😉 

Yesterday I downloaded a new app: Old Photo Pro, opened up a photo from Salem, and this was the result:


How awesomely creepy! My friend saw it and commented “This should be on a postcard!” Too bad it’s not a high res file… I would then maybe consider selling it to some of the Salem shoppes around the town that sell postcards. Hmmm….

The free app is low-res, the version you purchase allows you to create hi-res. Think it is worth the $2.99?? 🙂