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Buzz: One of my favorite subjects. // Week 4

This was kind of a busy week! But I managed to sneak in some play time with one of my dogs, a Vizsla, named Buzz (AKA Buzz boy, Buzzy, The Buzzy Bear). He is really one of the best fetchers out of all the dogs we have had so far.  He is always up for a game of fetch – usually you tire out before him, but today he was pretty pooped before I was ready to call it quits. He plopped down in the grass, with his toy, and cooled off; so I took out my iPhone and snapped away.


Isn’t he cute?

Taken with iPhone 5, and run through the Wood Camera app.


Tree hugger

This week Shawn and I are visiting family in Colorado. Shawn took his camera and most of our lenses of course. I, on the other hand, decided I wanted a break from my DSLR and decided to only shoot with our Canon G12 and my iPhone. I thought of it as a mini challenge of some kind. A way to force myself to think (and look) in a different perspective.

We have been here since 3 days so far and within the first 2 days I found my eyes constantly being drawn to the bright fall leaves enhanced by blue skies in some areas and bare trees jutting out from the ground like bony skeletons silhouetted against the same skies in other areas. I hadn’t consciously noticed that most of my photos so far were of the trees.

Fort Collins, CO. // iPhone 5 & Camera+

Wellington, CO. // iPhone 5 & Instagram

Cheyenne, WY. // Canon G12 & Luminance

I think part of the reason why I was inclined to taking photos of fall-going-into-winter trees is because I don’t get to see that too often being a Miami native and all. So while these photos may just be every day scenery to others, it’s a shot of something in nature that I like to be reminded of. I imagine people who live in the north (i.e. where there is snow) think the same way when they come across sands and beaches.

Condo Renovations: Bathroom #1 & Bedroom #2

The month of May was a pretty busy one! We only had certain weekends where we were able to work on the condo, so it was a month of slow (but sure) progress.

Unfortunately we discovered some mold in the bathroom so to be better safe than sorry, we ripped out 3 1/2 of the 4 walls – including the shower walls. So basically we are starting the bathroom over from scratch!

Shawn ripping out the sheet rock and tile in the shower.

Ripping out the smaller pieces.

Shawn also installed new shower pipes – which meant he got to break out his soldering tool! He was pretty excited to use the Benzomatic.

Ah the power of fire! To the right is the finished result of the new piping.

We decided to use Dermaboard (i.e. cement board) instead of sheet rock in the shower (and most of the bathroom walls) because cement board is impervious to water and will hold the wall tile much better than sheet rock. Less damage will be done should there ever be a leak, plus it will withstand the humidity a lot better.  Later we will be tiling these walls.

This is what will be behind the tile.

Currently all the new cement board is up in the bathroom, this past weekend was spent tearing out the drop ceiling, and framing out the bathroom so that we can add dry wall to the ceiling instead of a new drop ceiling. Shawn says he is over engineering it but at least we know for sure that the ceiling won’t ever be caving in! 😉

View from the bathroom doorway.

View from bathroom window

In addition to the upstairs bathroom, we also worked on Bedroom #2. That room has popcorn ceiling – we’re not fans of popcorn style so that needed to go. However, popcorn knock down is very costly and even more messy! So we took an easier route: drilled in furring strips to the ceiling, attached sheet rock to the strips, and goodbye popcorn! No one but us would ever know that there is popcorn hiding behind there – well.. I guess you now know too huh? 😉  It wasn’t as easy as it sounds though! First we got the popcorn tested for asbestos, result was negative. So that gave us the okay to be able to drill into the popcorn and the concrete behind it. Next Shawn redid the electrical wires and made it so that we can install 2 ceiling lights and a fan.  Once the furring strips were in place, then came the hardest part: carrying the sheet rock up the stairs and holding it up, drilling it into the strips, and filling in the gaps with putty. All credit goes to my hot handy hubby on this one! I was only able to hold up smaller pieces of sheet rock during this project. (Note to self: start lifting weights more.)

Popcorn is almost gone!

Once that was completed, we could move onto the next – and more fun – phase: painting! While Shawn worked on the bathroom, I painted this room. We went with “Polar Bear” on the walls and “Full Moon” on the ceiling. Since this is also going to be an office, we went with  neutral colors. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my craze for colors, I’ll be sure there is a pop of color somewhere in there! 🙂

“Polar Bear” under a “Full Moon.”

Needless to say it was a tiring weekend.  But we are getting there!

(Note: you can see a larger view of the images by clicking on them)

Condo Renovations: Part 2

Thought it was time for a condo renovation update! We have made some progress in the past couple of weeks, not as much as we would have liked to,  but right now with our work schedule, we are limited to just the weekends’ free time to be able to work on it. (and that is, if we even have a free weekend!)  but regardless, we have made progress. 🙂 All recent works have been done to the master bedroom. Shawn installed a new outlet, hardwired some electricity so that the fan can be turned on by a switch rather than plugging it into the wall – that project was a bit of a challenge since the bedroom has vaulted ceilings. He had to drop a wire down the wall and out the wall switch; it was harder than we thought because we discovered that behind the wall was a sheet of concrete that blocked the path where we wanted to run the wire.  My smart cookie hubby figured out a way to get past it, which involved cutting a hole in the bathroom wall! (which is next to the bedroom) By doing this, he was able to access the concrete wall and cut a little hole for the wire to go through. The electricity is now completed and all we have to do now is buy a fan.  The other project was the closet, there was some water damage on the sheet-rock in there, so we tore it all down and replaced it with cedar.  Plus installed recessed lights, as well as rewired some of the electricity in there, and added an outlet. That’s is almost complete!  This weekend the plan is to finish the closet, buy a fan, begin tiling the closet, and possibly paint the walls.

Condo Renovations: The Beginning!

Shawn and I bought a condo/townhouse and have just begun the whole renovation process and bringing this place from the 1970s to the 2000s! First project is tackling both bedrooms. So far we have ripped out the carpets (in master bedroom and 2nd room’s closet) and tore out all the baseboards, and have sealed up some holes from nails in the walls. Last weekend Shawn replaced the 2nd room’s closet’s floor with tile. Above are some before & after photos.



While photographing the MCDS Tennis match last week, I encountered this fuzzy fella on the fence in front of me; noticed he had a nut in its mouth and quickly took a couple of photos before he scurried away – those squirrels are fast!  I immediately thought of an expression that my husband is very fond of saying: “Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut.”  Shawn, this photo is for you. 🙂