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Spooky Salem // Week 2

I still have Salem on the brain! When Shawn and I were walking through Salem’s Old Burying Point, we were both taking photos – he had our point & shoot camera and I was using my iPhone; meaning he could shoot with his gloves on, but I had to take mine off to operate my phone. (Side Note: I really need to purchase a pair of those gloves that let you touch your iPhone with them! Anyone have any brand recommendations??)  Anyways, I managed to get quite a few good shots before my fingers began to lose feeling… 😉 

Yesterday I downloaded a new app: Old Photo Pro, opened up a photo from Salem, and this was the result:


How awesomely creepy! My friend saw it and commented “This should be on a postcard!” Too bad it’s not a high res file… I would then maybe consider selling it to some of the Salem shoppes around the town that sell postcards. Hmmm….

The free app is low-res, the version you purchase allows you to create hi-res. Think it is worth the $2.99?? 🙂 



52 Weeks of Photos

Happy 2013! I am happy to see 2012 go and welcome 2013 with open arms. It’s not that all of 2012 was awful, but it had its pretty terrible moments. (See my husband’s post about it for details if you’d like). Anyways, like I said, I am glad it is a new year. 

I think most photographers like to start a 365 photo-a-day blog, I thought about doing one last year but knew I would be too busy to stick to it. However, this year I would like to attempt to do a weekly one. 🙂 The photos I’ll take will either be with my DSLR, point & shoot, or my iPhone – it all depends on what I have on me at the time when inspiration strikes! When my iPhone is used for it, I want to make it a point to NOT use Instagram. I have several alternative apps ready to be used: Luminance, Vintique, Camera+, Diptic, Tadaa, and Wood Camera. I will make a note in the posting which app was used. 

I’d like to start off with a photo I took while in Salem, MA. earlier this week:


This photo was taken in the old Salem Burying Point – which is right next to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial – and dates back to 1637, making it the oldest burial ground in the city. I have always loved the history of Salem, and the saga of the witch trials. The last time Shawn and I were in that cemetery together was during Halloween night of 2008, also the same night we realized we should get married. So, for obvious reasons, it was pretty nice to begin the new year in Salem.

Taken with iPhone 5 and ran it through the Wood Camera app.