You say tomato, I say…. gold tomato?


We all know tomatoes come in red, green and yellow…. but it could also be gold, if you prefer! Yes, that’s right.  Thanks to German-made edible spray paint called Ess Lack Food Finish, you could now turn those boring grapes into a shimmery silver… or even red, or blue! I have to admit that it would be both quite amusing and awesome if my husband wanted  to cook a steak dinner and wanted to add a dash more romance by spray painting the steaks a sexy shade of red … But would i actually eat it?? Not sure 😉 Yes, the label says edible and I totally believe it,  but…. well, I don’t know. Would YOU try it?

(source: // via: A Cup of Jo)


4 responses to “You say tomato, I say…. gold tomato?

  1. I’m not sure if I would try it either, but this is so cool! Thanks for sharing

  2. I might try it. I’ve heard of edible gold before, with cake decorating, but not on vegetables! I think it could create lots of fun for artists and foodies. You could create different designs by spray painting through stencils and have a great time.

  3. This is too bizarre for me. I love the natural color of my produce and wouldn’t want to change it. Plus, it may be edible..but so are plenty of other chemical laden food products..looks pretty but I wouldn’t eat it!

  4. Haha yeah I would love to play around with it, it would make for some really neat photography projects! I might sample a bit of food, like a cookie. But eat a whole gold meal? Nah… 🙂

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