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Buzz: One of my favorite subjects. // Week 4

This was kind of a busy week! But I managed to sneak in some play time with one of my dogs, a Vizsla, named Buzz (AKA Buzz boy, Buzzy, The Buzzy Bear). He is really one of the best fetchers out of all the dogs we have had so far.  He is always up for a game of fetch – usually you tire out before him, but today he was pretty pooped before I was ready to call it quits. He plopped down in the grass, with his toy, and cooled off; so I took out my iPhone and snapped away.


Isn’t he cute?

Taken with iPhone 5, and run through the Wood Camera app.


Tree hugger

This week Shawn and I are visiting family in Colorado. Shawn took his camera and most of our lenses of course. I, on the other hand, decided I wanted a break from my DSLR and decided to only shoot with our Canon G12 and my iPhone. I thought of it as a mini challenge of some kind. A way to force myself to think (and look) in a different perspective.

We have been here since 3 days so far and within the first 2 days I found my eyes constantly being drawn to the bright fall leaves enhanced by blue skies in some areas and bare trees jutting out from the ground like bony skeletons silhouetted against the same skies in other areas. I hadn’t consciously noticed that most of my photos so far were of the trees.

Fort Collins, CO. // iPhone 5 & Camera+

Wellington, CO. // iPhone 5 & Instagram

Cheyenne, WY. // Canon G12 & Luminance

I think part of the reason why I was inclined to taking photos of fall-going-into-winter trees is because I don’t get to see that too often being a Miami native and all. So while these photos may just be every day scenery to others, it’s a shot of something in nature that I like to be reminded of. I imagine people who live in the north (i.e. where there is snow) think the same way when they come across sands and beaches.

Trygger: The Case for Serious iPhoneographers

It can be quite daunting with all the various iPhone cases out there, but I just came across one that makes it quite easy to choose if you’re a serious iPhoneographer.

Discovered on Kickstarter, the Trygger iPhone case is one that is dedicated to taking better photos: it comes with a polarizing filter for anti-glare.  Polarizing filters have been around for a long time – i.e. since during film days.  The purpose of a neutral density polarizing filter (whether it is used for film or digital) is: lessen brightness and minimize glare, meaning it can remove reflections from places that are prone to getting its highlights blown out, like the ocean or sky for example.  It can also darken the sky and make landscapes with greenery appear more vivid. As well as saturate colors and bump up the contrast in general.  Check out the Before & After photos below to get a good idea of the difference it makes.

The Trygger is made of 1.8mm high strength polycarbonate, so it is pretty protective while keeping the thinness of the case. The filter, which is made from high-grade optical Borosilicate glass, is adjustable; so you can control how dark or light you want it.  The way the Trygger works is: there is a felt-lined sliding back on the case, and when you’re going to take a picture, just slide it up so that the filter is over the iPhone’s camera lens, make the necessary adjustment, and shoot! That’s it. Pretty simple!

The Trygger is up on Kickstarter until July 3rd, a pledge of $35 or more will get you a case in your color choice.  While I may not personally own an iPhone (yet!? Still holding out till the 5 comes out…) I must say that if you own the iPhone 4S and you take a lot of photos with it, remember that the iPhone 4S’s camera phone is a whopping 8 megapixels – which is perfectly suitable for making 5×7 prints – you might as well take advantage of that and make a small investment to be able to get the most out of your iPhoneography skills.