Klout & Moo

Last week I received something exciting in the mail: new business cards from Moo.com!

Let me backtrack and explain: A couple of weeks ago, I joined www.Klout.com – for those of you who don’t know what Klout is, it is a website that determines your “rank” on the web. You log in via your Twitter or Facebook account. Then it measures your activity on the net based on what you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Google+, etc. and from that, determines your score. In their words, the score measures “influence based on your ability to drive action.” Another thing about Klout, is the more you’re active on social networks, the more perks you get. Klout Perks are “exclusive products or experiences that you earn based on your influence.” The best part is you don’t necessarily have to have a high score to be able to score perks. Also, you are in no way obligated to talk about whatever perk(s) you get. You’re welcome to rave about it, say you dislike it, or keep mum about it. Its totally up to you.  Which brings me to Moo.com

I currently have a Klout score of 44 and received a perk of getting 50 free business cards (only had to pay $5 S&H) from Moo.com. I had heard of Moo before but had not taken advantage of their services until now. The thing that is awesome about Moo and what makes them stand out is their use of “printfinity.” This is their option of getting a different image printed on every card in the pack! This is quite awesome especially if you’re a photographer, designer, or in the arts of any kind. This makes for a great way to showcase your work and makes you stand out from the crowd a bit more. So, I immediately took advantage of my Klout perk and ordered my free 50 business cards with 10 different portfolio images. Now, we all know certain “catches” come with free things. This one was that the Klout logo had to be printed on the image side of the business card too. I was 100% cool with this though, as a business owner, I certainly understand why they want their logo on the front. If a client were to use one of my images for free, I certainly have to watermark it or have my company logo on it somewhere.

The packaging of the Moo cards was quirky – just way the way I like it!


Boo! I can see you!

I am quite pleased with the end result. The cards look really good! The colors look great, the printing is well-done, image quality is thumbs up, and the card stock is really nice – has a nice weight to it. Also, I look at the Klout logo as a plus, it is another social network thing that our clients can look into. Well done Klout & Moo! I will happily order my next batch of cards from you, Moo. Thank you for coming up with Printfinity!


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