An update

Well, turns out my website, is now defunct. Thanks to some guy in Belgravia stealing my domain name.  I am pretty disappointed and upset at this. On the other hand though, hey… new beginnings!  I am fully aware that the site was badly in need of an update, ha! πŸ˜‰  But I planned to just let it run its course till expiration, renew the domain name and transfer it over to the company that my husband and I use for our other sites.  To my knowledge (and I have it on the receipt) the site expired in April 2012 (I have had it since ’04)… however, this wasn’t the case, it expired in April of THIS YEAR.  Wellllll, damn!  I never did receive any emails notifying me that i needed to renew, so along came this Belgravian f***er and bought my domain name, and obviously is just waiting for someone (preferably me) to buy it back from him for a ton more $.  UGH.
So, fuck it. I made a Facebookpage to showcase my artwork instead of going with or whatever else.  Because I just want my old .com back, and frankly right now i don’t have the money to buy a domain again and to pay for another site being hosted.  So,  and  Facebook it is then!

And on that note… please Like my page? πŸ™‚  –>   All Day Art – FB Page


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