long time, no see…

wow, its been QUITE some time since i’ve been on here to write anything!  Sometimes i REALLY do not know where the time goes.  Really.   The date of my last blog reads “October” ….. sheesh.  Shame on me for slacking!  😉  It’s funny because i read blogs a lot! some are daily reads. Now if only I blogged as often as I read em…  I think part of it is because sometimes I feel like i should wait until I have something “important” to say.   But then again, a lot of the blogs I read are short & sweet and a lot of times those are most enjoyable to read.  So maybe I should open my mind up a bit more and make a 2nd attempt to be better at this 🙂

p.s.)  Any one catch last night’s episode of House? it was all about blogging… and the fine line between what’s private and what’s not.


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